About Us


We are Brian and Arlene Dechant, owners and operators of Strada Napoli Pizza.

We are Culinary graduates with a love of Italy and a passion for Neapolitan Pizza. We were trained in Neapolitan pizza making at the Vera Pizza Napoletana in Marina Del Rey, California.

We want to bring our passion and pizza to others, so we designed our mobile Neapolitan pizza cart with an Italian Marra Forni oven.

What we do:

Catering, special events, festivals, farmers markets.

We adhere to Neapolitan pizza traditions. Our dough is prepared following the original Neapolitan pizza recipe. We use Caputo pizza flour from Naples, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crushed San Marzano style tomatoes, our own homemade fresh mozzarella and ricotta, and garden basil. Our pizzas are topped with a premier selection of imported Italian and locally-produced products, then baked in a Neapolition wood-burning oven reaching temperatures of 900-plus degrees allowing us to cook our pizzas in about 60-90 seconds. Our mobile wood-fired oven can come directly to your location for any type of event – and your guests will enjoy the pizza being made in front of them!